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The foundation of apprenticeship is deep industry engagement that can further the workforce system’s efforts to support regional economies. Apprenticeships are great opportunities to enter high-paying fields like Pharmacy Tech, Industrial Manufacturing Tech, and several construction-related careers.

Employers need well-trained people. Apprenticeship allows a new hire to earn a paycheck while they will learn the job from the bottom up. The apprentice learns basic skills and builds upon them each day of the training program, until completion. Upon graduation, the employee is ideally productive, loyal and research shows more motivated, more conscientious, and safer.

Employ Milwaukee is focusing on growing apprenticeship opportunities across Milwaukee County, and the Midwestern region through partnerships with businesses and other urban-centered Midwestern workforce agencies.

Youth apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship opportunities are also available. If you are a worker or a business and want to know more about apprenticeship opportunities, please email


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