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Transform Milwaukee Jobs Foster Care

The Transform Milwaukee Jobs Foster Care program is an employment program that offers unemployed, qualified foster care young adults ages 18 to 21.5 immediate work in the form of subsidized transitional jobs. Participants are either in foster care, preparing to “age out” of foster care, or have already “aged out” of foster care.

The program helps individuals overcome barriers to successful employment, allowing them to transition into work using wage-paid, short-term employment that combines real work, skills training, education and supportive services. Participants also receive job coaching, employability planning, life skills development and limited vocational training, as well as job search assistance. Transform Milwaukee Jobs promotes self-sufficiency by helping participants gain a foothold in the labor market in a supportive way.

  • Must be 18 to 21.5 years of age in out-of-home care including foster care, kinship care, independent living facilities, residential care centers, group homes or other placement options under CHIPS orders;
  • Or, be 18 to 21.5 years of age, “aging out” of foster care and transitioning to independent living; and be a current resident of Milwaukee County.
  • Must have been unemployed for the last four consecutive calendar weeks prior to enrollment.
  • Proof of an annual household income that is less than 150% of the federal poverty guideline for the household size.
  • Cannot be receiving W2 benefits.
  • Must be ineligible to receive Unemployment Insurance Compensation.
  • Proof of Milwaukee County residency required.


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