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Almost 70 million Americans (U.S. Bureau of Justice)—nearly one in three adults—have a criminal record. To have a chance to be positive members of their communities, it is important to remove barriers that keep people with criminal records from gaining employment, training, and education. Employ Milwaukee, working with the Wisconsin Department of Correction, is a key member of the Milwaukee Re-Entry Network (WREN) and is one of only two sites in the nation delivering Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies (IRES). Employ Milwaukee’s re-entry programs for youth and adults are based on best practices to reduce recidivism and promote job readiness through both soft-skills building and other tailored services.

As part of the White House Fair Chance Business Pledge, over 100 employers showed that they are committed to giving individuals with criminal records a fair chance to participate in the American economy. Those companies include powerhouses like Google, American Airlines, the Coca-Cola Company, Prudential, Staples, Walmart, and Xerox. Many employers have shared that since many doors are shut to people with criminal records, when an employer gives them an opportunity, they become model employees.

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Adult Re-Entry

Employ Milwaukee, working with the Wisconsin Department of Correction, is a leader in the Midwest Re-Entry and Employment Network (WREN).


Youth Re-Entry

Employ Milwaukee has been involved with youth re-entry and workforce services for more than 15 years.


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