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Within the juvenile justice system, studies show between 75 and 93% of youth have experienced trauma, and young ex-offenders face many challenges, particularly when it comes to employment. Through programs such as YouthBuild and Making Milwaukee Work 4 Youth, youth realize their potential for future employment. Efforts include supporting the Department of Corrections as they lead in systems change and making smart investments in the very supports that show results in helping youth to successfully stay in, or re-enter, the community. Youth recover from lost time by pursuing academic studies and recognized credentials in formal and non-formal education settings. Services focus on:

  • Mentoring one-on-one
  • Improving math and reading proficiency
  • Connecting to trauma-informed care and services
  • Identifying appropriate public benefits, including for veterans
  • Assisting with enrollment to alternative education programs, financial literacy, job training, or postsecondary education
  • Building career goals and providing guidance for earning an educational or vocational diploma, certificate, or credential
  • Providing service learning and employment opportunities
  • Screening and selecting for Wisconsin expungement and monitoring
  • Collaborating with Juvenile Justice System staff to record progress and Diversion Program completion

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