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Second Chance Month

April 2023


April is Second Chance month, a time to acknowledge the importance of holistically supporting justice-involved individuals as they reenter society. I began my career as a probation & parole agent, which led me to numerous leadership positions in workforce development. Because of my personal experience working with those involved in the criminal justice system, I’ve passionately spearheaded the development of our reentry department to provide training and vocational services to those who are justice- involved.

Employ Milwaukee provides supportive resources to individuals returning to the community from jail or prison and connects them to sustainable, fulfilling careers that will reduce recidivism and build stronger communities. Employment has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of reoffending, however, justice- involved individuals are faced with many biases and barriers when looking for employment.

With a significant portion of the established workforce approaching retirement, companies are facing a labor shortage, making untapped labor and talent sources more important. The reentry population is a critical piece of a labor shortage solution that has been historically overlooked.

To help citizens overcome barriers and successfully reenter the community, Employ Milwaukee partners with organizations to provide employment services, including career planning, skills training, and supportive service referrals. From a workforce development standpoint within the reentry sphere, Employ Milwaukee is intentionally at the forefront. We offer advanced leadership, collaboration and innovation fueled by diversified funding strategies to ensure effective cross system intersections to cultivate holistic systematic improvement.

I am continually moved by stories of people who do not let their past determine their future. Throughout this month, we’ll be sharing a host of inspiring stories from individuals who have overcome difficult obstacles while building resiliency and breaking cycles of recidivism. We’ll also provide resources for both justice- involved job seekers and employers. This month and beyond, we encourage our community to come alongside us in this work. When we provide support and second chances, our community and workforce will only grow stronger.


Employ Milwaukee

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Phone: (414) 270-1700Fax: (414) 225-2375

Deaf, hearing or speech impaired callers may reach us by the Wisconsin Relay number 711.

Employ Milwaukee is an Equal Opportunity Employer & Service Provider.

Auxiliary Aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request. If you need this material interpreted to a language you understand or in a different format, or need assistance in accessing services, please contact us.

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