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The Business Services & Solutions Team offers customized candidate recruitments, skill development and training programs and other talent development and sourcing solutions to regional employers. These products reflect a collaborative effort with the business community, workforce and educational partners, community and faith-based organizations and the other local workforce development boards of Wisconsin.

Customized Recruitment and Pre-Screening

Growing the region’s talent pipeline is a fundamental strategy of every local workforce development board. Employ Milwaukee works collaboratively with our service and training partners and the Coordination Council members to continually connect with job seekers and individuals to share training program and employment opportunities. Through our Mobile Workforce Connections staff, our reach into communities has expanded by connecting with individuals and employers who were not previously engaged in the workforce system. Once connected to the Job Center of Wisconsin and local programming, job seekers can be recruited and pre-screened for referral to training programs and employer hiring events.

Job ready candidates are informed of and invited to hiring events where employers and staffing agencies interview candidates who possess required skills or work experience. Job seekers pursuing their first job or next employment opportunity are recruited for events where employers are seeking dependable, team-oriented and trainable individuals who are committed to acquiring work experience or new skill sets. 

Employer Hiring Events

The Business Services & Solutions Team designs customized hiring events for employers to connect with pre-screened and qualified candidates. Employers define hiring qualifications, skill and credential expectations, work experience preferences and other hiring requirements such as veteran hiring preferences. The Employ Milwaukee team and network partners identify appropriate candidates through Job Center of Wisconsin resume searches, network partner candidate inventories, training program graduates, etc. and invite qualified candidates to pre-screening candidate recruitment events.

Prior to the customized hiring event, candidates interested in gaining employment in a specific sector or with a particular employer are pre-screened by Employ Milwaukee staff and prepared for interviews (for qualifying businesses). Employer services for hiring events include marketing of job openings; space allocation for interviews; application/resume collection and pre-screening; job development and outplacement assistance.

Click here for more information about our Industry Advisory Boards in targeted growth sectors. 

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