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A New Vision to Connect Jobs and the Labor Force

You are eligible to apply for participating in this study if you are 18 years or older, live in the City of Milwaukee, you work or would potentially be interested in working in the Menomonee Falls/Butler area (two employment centers in Figure 1), and are possibly interested in using on-demand shared-shuttle services from virtual stops (A-B and 1-3 in Figure 1) to businesses in the Menomonee Falls/Butler area.

FlexRide services are scheduled to start in early February 2022 and end in November 2022, during which on-demand shared shuttles will connect shuttle stops (A-B and 1-3 in Figure 1) to your job or a job interview in the Menomonee Falls/Butler area. The rides are free between stops A-B and your job/interview, and the fare between stops 1-3 and your job/interview is $1.50 per ride in the introduction phase of the pilot and $3 per ride in the second phase. You can book a ride using a smart phone app, computer, or phone. If you are interested in participating in the FlexRide Milwaukee pilot, please fill out this form so we can determine your eligibility and obtain some basic information. If you are eligible to participate in our project, we will send you additional information for signing up for the service. The sign-up is first-come, first-served.

During the pilot period, you will be asked to participate in three long-form surveys: Pre-pilot, Phase-1, and Phase-2. The surveys will take place online or over the phone. Once you complete each of the three surveys you will be sent a $5 gift card. Additionally, you will answer short monthly en-route surveys to describe your experience and inform the research team of issues with the pilot. The monthly surveys will be conducted mainly through the FlexRide Milwaukee smartphone app. Your participation is essential for the research team to evaluate the pilot program and for future long-term transportation investment to connect workers in Milwaukee with businesses in the Menomonee Falls/Butler area.

Recruitment of participantds is being conducted by Employ Milwaukee (Workforce Development Board of Milwaukee County), Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington Workforce Development Board, and organizations and businesses in the Menomonee Falls/Butler area.

Figure 1 Employment Areas and Service Stop Locations


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