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Cream City YouthBuild

Applications are currently closed and will re-open in July 2024, for any questions contact Oscar Delgado at

Are you interested in learning construction and leadership skills, road-building, and accessing well-paying employment?  Are you a high school drop-out who wants to get your HSED/GED? If so, Cream City YouthBuild may be for you!

Cream City YouthBuild prepares young adults for careers and employment in the construction industry through a focus on attaining a high school diploma and construction skills while receiving exposure and access to employment in the construction trades. YouthBuild occupational skill training provides industry-recognized construction credentials. Participants work on construction sites acquiring road-building and other construction and life skills through a combination of hands-on learning and mentorship. Services include industry-supported curricula, credentialing options, and tutoring.

The program is designed to create a skilled workforce either in the construction industry, through the rehabilitation and construction of housing for homeless and low-income individuals and families, or in other in-demand industries or occupations. The program also benefits the larger community because it provides increased access to affordable housing.


Participants will:

  • Receive classroom-based GED instruction
  • Work in residential housing construction site or transportation and roadbuilding opportunities (hands-on learning)
  • Be mentored on the work-site by a construction or transportation professional
  • Receive industry-recognized credentials in construction, and transportation sectors
  • Receive Transition support out of program into employment
  • Learn job skills while serving the community

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Milwaukee County resident, ages 18 – 24
  • A school dropout or an individual who has dropped out of school and has reenrolled AND
  • Is one or more of the following:
    • A member of a low-income family
    • A youth in foster care
    • An offender
    • A youth who is an individual with a disability
    • The child of a current or formerly incarcerated parent OR
    • A migrant youth.

Exceptions: Individuals MAY be eligible for YouthBuild if such individuals:

  •  Are basic skills deficient, despite attainment of a secondary school diploma or its recognized State equivalent (including recognized certificates of attendance or similar documents for individuals with disabilities); OR
  • Have been referred by a local secondary school for participation in a YouthBuild program leading to the attainment of a secondary school diploma if such referral is to a YouthBuild program offering a secondary school diploma.

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