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Empowering Milwaukee’s 55+ Community

Employ Milwaukee’s Work Wise program is an impactful force in in empowering Milwaukee’s 55+community. Two shining examples are the experiences of Shirley Tribble and Verna Taylor, who, through the Work Wise program, discovered an alternative pathway to vocational fulfillment and economic stability. 

Facing challenges in securing sustainable employment, Shirley enrolled in the Work Wise program 4 years ago with determination to enhance her skills and try something new before becoming a senior. The program’s approach, combining specialized training with several different employment options, proved to be just the opportunity she was looking for. 

Shirley worked at a few different worksites, like Trinity Nursing Home and McGovern Park before settling into her current position at Employ Milwaukee.

Throughout the years, Shirley participated in skill-building workshops that honed her existing abilities and introduced her to new capabilities demanded by today’s job market. Shirley acknowledges how the Work Wise program’s interest in providing valuable hands-on experience has put her in position to build a professional network and help others. 

“I’d recommend the (Work) Wise program to those who’ve retired, especially those looking to get out the house. The program is flexible and perfect for me because I like interacting with people. I love Employ Milwaukee because they work with seniors, children, felons, everybody, every population. They do good work for the community.” 

Verna Taylor was volunteering and taking classes at the Washington Park Senior Center in 2019 when someone referred her to the Work Wise program. 

A distinctive features of the Work Wise program is its emphasis on training. Verna underwent hands on training to enhance her years of experience, guided and mentored by a seasoned professional. During her time in the Work Wise program, Verna secured an Administrative Assistant position at Employ Milwaukee. The hands-on experience she  gained allowed her to apply her knowledge and skills in a practical setting. The supportive services offered through the Work Wise program ensured that Verna could continue to learn on the job while navigating life’s challenges.  

Today Verna works as an Administrative Assistant within the Work Wise program, helping other seniors seeking training and employment. 

“I like the dedication Employ Milwaukee has for community. Of course, I’d recommend it. I enjoy what I do. I want to do this until I can’t work anywhere. I encourage people to give me a call if they’re interested in the program.”  

Verna’s story stands as a testament to the Work Wise program’s ability to empower individuals, not only through education, but also experiential learning – which ultimately leads to sustainable and fulfilling employment. Verna’s experience echoes the Work Wise program’s commitment to transforming lives and building the workforce in Milwaukee.

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