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Milwaukee Bucks Community Reintegration Program

Dontae was a participant in the pilot year of the Milwaukee Bucks Community Reintegration Center Rotational Program. Dontae had the opportunity to rotate through multiple departments within the Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum, earning a living wage and acquiring valuable skills. He reflects on the program as a truly welcoming experience: “The people I worked with really wanted to see me succeed.”

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A Summer Job Becomes a Career

Bianca's journey began with the Earn & Learn Summer Job Program in 2010, a decision motivated by the desire to earn money before college. Unbeknownst to her, a placement at the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee would lead to a career that makes a significant impact on her community. Now, in 2023, Bianca reflects on five promotions that catapulted her journey from uncertainty to confidence. 

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Building A Better Career

Delorean J. had been working for over 5 years as a Lab Technician, when the company he worked for closed. With support from Employ Milwaukee and Skillful Transitions, Delorean was able to build his skills through paid training and paid work experience, and now has a job he is passionate about. "When this project is done, I can’t wait to bring my kids here and show them what I helped build.”

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Empowering Milwaukee’s 55+ Community

The Employ Milwaukee's Work Wise program has been instrumental in empowering Milwaukee's 55+ community, as demonstrated by the experiences of Verna and Shirley.Through Work Wise, Shirley secured a position at Employ Milwaukee. Verna is now actively contributing to the Work Wise program and embodying its commitment to building a resilient workforce in Milwaukee. 

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Starting on a Path to a Fulfilling Career

Enrique's journey through the Cream City YouthBuild program exemplifies its impact on young individuals pursuing fulfilling careers. After completing the Construction track, Enrique emerged as a confident professional with real-world experience, certifications, and skills, now working in carpentry and advocating for the program as a transformative force in personal and professional development.

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Camp RISE Spotlight: Donovan

Camp RISE expands horizons and provides career exploration opportunities while building up the next generation of Milwaukee leaders. This year, Donovan and his fellow campers created their own mission statement for Camp RISE: “We rise up, above our circumstances, through our challenges, beyond our fears and negative behavior to build a better tomorrow, and a better future for years to come.” 

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Healthy Homes Construction Careers

Healthy Homes and the Absolute Advantage program opens doors in the construction industry through pre-apprenticeships. Learn about how one man was able to turn determination and hard work into a fulfilling and rewarding career in the construction industry through the support from these programs.

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Skillful Transitions Report

Skillful Transitions was designed to assist people whose previous employment had not returned post-pandemic, and those who were not working, or had an uneven work history prior to the pandemic. Check out our program report to learn about the innovative ways Skillful Transitions leveraged funding to maximize services for the Milwaukee community.

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A New Begininng

When war broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, Yevhan S. knew it wouldn’t end quickly, as many had initially predicted. Fortunately, Yevhan's parents had moved to Milwaukee in 2000, and Yevhan and his family were able to move here as well. Yevhan was able to find support through BankWork$.

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Camp RISE Spotlight: Jace W.

Last summer, Jace had the opportunity to learn and grow at Camp RISE, Employ Milwaukee's summer career exploration program. Jace enjoyed his time at camp, especially being able to work within the neighborhood, doing things like community clean-ups. “I liked helping the community," he said.

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How Yesenia Delgado Found Her Place in the Banking Industry

“I always had this goal of wanting to work at a bank. I thought it would require a college degree, but it turns out I was wrong." Yesenia said about her experience with BankWork$, “On the other side is a successful life and career.”  

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A Sweet Partnership

Kimberly Hall built her successful business from her incredible work ethic and a passion for baking. With the help of her incredible skillful transitions employees, she can keep her bakery doors open while creating gorgeous— and delicious— cakes for clients all over Milwaukee!

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Re-Entry Success

The desire for gainful employment transcends race, color, gender, creed, and circumstance. This is especially true for returning citizens who are looking to get re-acclimated into the community. Charles Dickerson is just one example of a justice-involved individual Employ Milwaukee's Reentry Service team was able to assist.

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Manufacturing Month Spotlight: Husco International

Like many manufacturers in southeast Wisconsin, Husco faced a workforce shortage. When Husco leadership heard about Afghan refugees settling in Milwaukee, they put together a recruitment strategy to recruit them for production job openings.

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Camp RISE Spotlight: Ricky S.

"I learned how to be a man. Be respectful, never look down, keep going– try and try and try again," Ricky S., age 11, said of his time at Camp RISE. Not only did Ricky have the opportunity to earn his first paycheck, but he also built great friendships with fellow campers and created life long memories last summer! 

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