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Milwaukee Bucks Community Reintegration Center Rotational Program

Dontae's journey with the Milwaukee Bucks Community Reintegration Center Rotational Program is a testament to the transformative power of support, opportunity, and community.

The origins of this transformative program stem from collaborative work between Employ Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Bucks. Attending Employ Milwaukee’s Reentry Simulation—an eye-opening workshop that simulates the challenges of reentering society after incarceration—the Bucks representative was deeply moved by the struggles and stress faced by returning citizens. Inspired to be part of a solution, he connected with Employ Milwaukee’s Reentry Manager, and together, they set out to create a groundbreaking employment training program. This collaborative effort between Employ Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Bucks led to the creation of the Community Reintegration Center Rotational Program. In its pilot year, the program employed five individuals, including Dontae, who were on work release from the Milwaukee County Reintegration Center. These participants had the opportunity to rotate through multiple departments within the Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum, earning a living wage and acquiring valuable skills.

As a participant in the pilot year of the program, Dontae found himself immersed in an environment that not only welcomed him but actively invested in his success. Reflecting on his experience, Dontae shares, "The people I worked with really wanted to see me succeed." This genuine support from his colleagues created a sense of belonging and encouragement that propelled him forward.

For Dontae, the opportunity to work with his favorite team, the Milwaukee Bucks, and be a part of the Fiserv Forum staff was not just a job—it was a dream come true. With the guidance and support of Employ Milwaukee Workforce Specialist Jeannette Haynes, Dontae navigated the challenges of reentry with confidence. Jeannette provided invaluable support, keeping him on track, offering guidance, and ensuring he had reliable transportation to and from work.

Photo of Dontae

Grateful for the positive impact of the program, Dontae acknowledges that his longest period of employment has been with the Bucks. This extended tenure has not only allowed him to provide for his children but has also kept him on a positive life trajectory. Through his dedication and hard work, Dontae has not only found stability but has also marked a substantial positive shift in his life.

The Milwaukee Bucks Community Reintegration Center Rotational Program has provided Dontae with more than just a job—it has given him a sense of purpose, belonging, and hope for the future. His success is a testament to the program's holistic approach, which not only provides employment opportunities but also equips participants with the skills and support necessary for successful reintegration into the workforce.

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