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A Summer Job Becomes a Career

Bianca participated in the Earn & Learn Summer Job Program in Summer 2010, just after graduating from Milwaukee Vincent High School. Her motivation for joining the program was simple – she wanted to earn some money before heading off to school. Little did she know that this decision would shape the course of her life.

Assigned to the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee at the Parklawn location, Bianca embarked on a transformative journey. Initially unaware of the profound impact it would have on her, the summer spent working at Parklawn exposed her to the remarkable initiatives the YMCA was undertaking within the community. The YMCA emerged as more than just a workplace; it became the heart of the community.

Upon completing the summer program, Bianca left for school but found herself returning after a year and a half. A job opening at the Northside YMCA for a front desk position caught her eye. Drawing on her recent experience with Earn & Learn, she applied and was successfully hired, unknowingly stepping into the beginnings of a fulfilling career.

September 2012 marked Bianca's first day as an employee of the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee. Initially timid, unsure, and viewing the role as temporary, she could not have foreseen the remarkable journey that lay ahead. Fast forward to November 2023, and Bianca stands on the threshold of her fifth promotion since joining the YMCA in 2012.

Transformed from a young woman uncertain about her path, Bianca has evolved into a confident individual making a substantial impact on her community. The Earn & Learn program played a pivotal role in guiding her towards the YMCA as a viable career choice: “If it was not for Employ Milwaukee and the Earn & Learn Program, I may have never considered the YMCA as a place I wanted to have a career at. The same impact that was made on me by staff, members, and community participants at the YMCA back in 2012, I have been able to do the same in return over all these years. I hope this program stays around for more years to come because it truly opened a door for myself and made a difference in my life.”



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