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System Involvement Efforts

Milwaukee Reentry Network

Employ Milwaukee co-chairs and participates within the Milwaukee Reentry Network (MRN) which is a collaborative of partners that plan and coordinate integrated neighborhood-based diversion, reentry, and employment strategies. The MRN works to provide opportunities to reduce criminal thinking and increase healthy family relationships for adults returning from county, state, federal correctional facilities, youth returning from juvenile justice facilities and adults and youth on county, state, and/or federal supervision living in Milwaukee County. If you are interested in getting involved, you can reach out to Wylbur Holloway at

Milwaukee Reentry Council

Employ Milwaukee participates within the Milwaukee County Reentry Council, a subcommittee of the Milwaukee Community Justice Council, which is focused on promoting the safe and successful reintegration of individuals who have been incarcerated back into the community and preventing future involvement with the justice system. 



Fidelity Bonding Program

As an employer, you can change the future for hopeful job applicants who may not easily find work elsewhere. Job applicants with criminal backgrounds are often overlooked in the application process but they have proved to be hardworking, driven employees who will help your business operate and qualify you for the security benefits of a Fidelity Bonding Program or a Federal Bonding Program. These bonds protect you against losses in the event that the employee exhibits fraudulent or dishonest acts against you or your business.

Fidelity Bonding Program Information

Federal Bonding Program Information


Work Opportunity Tax Credits

When you invest in hiring qualifying employees, you can take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This federal income tax credit is designed to help people gain on-the-job experience and achieve better employment outcomes. So, while you’re giving someone a chance to enter the workforce, you’re getting a tax credit back. As an employer, you can claim up to 40% of the first $6,000 in qualified first-year wages for a maximum credit of $2,400 per new hire.

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